Our Services

Economic Development

Public and private clients alike entrust their capital projects’ financial feasibility with GMS. The Economic Development team conducts comprehensive analysis of project budgets, determining extraordinary costs that may be offset with the successful pursuit of competitive grants or low-interest loans.

With projects ranging from $200,000 municipal park developments to $400 million+, mixed-use, commercial town center developments, the Economic Development team has established a proven track record of delivering results. GMS’s individualized and comprehensive funding and financing strategies are implemented to allow otherwise cost-prohibitive projects to move forward. Our Economic Development projects often draw private investment and job creation opportunities to local communities, while promoting a business-friendly environment through the provision of adequate supporting infrastructure.

 GMS’s ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT clients utilize the following services:

  • Research, application development, administrative compliance and close-out audits for competitive grant and low interest loan funding
  • Financial and economic impact analyses to evaluate project merits and/or provision of evidence for supporting projects
  • Client communications liaison with granting agencies, elected officials and other stake-holding entities
  • Funding and financing strategy development to support financially challenged projects
  • Public and private governing board presentations

Our ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT service area is led by Amy Kaufman Kronenberg.

Project Management

GMS's PROJECT MANAGEMENT service area serves municipalities, counties, economic development corporations, non-profit organizations and for profit businesses, by providing creative, meticulously-managed solutions for advancing complex projects. We understand that permitting and agency coordination challenges can easily derail a project’s progress.  At GMS, we work with Project Management clients to mitigate these barriers to development, allowing clients to deliver their projects on time and often under budget. Each successfully negotiated step of the land development process requires proactive and on-going coordination with committees, boards and agencies charged with the careful review and approval of pending planning, permitting or zoning requests. At GMS, comprehensive capital projects are methodically shepherded through this process, with particular emphasis on permitting, project budgeting and timeline achievement.

Our PROJECT MANAGEMENT service area is led by G. Bryan Salzmann.

Financing Consulting

GMS’s FINANCING CONSULTING service area offers clients strategically leveraged experience and insight into the current lending environment, allowing clients to realize considerable savings through negotiation of rates, terms and fees on commercial borrowings. This may include newly originated commercial loans, refinancing, or workout negotiations for at risk loans.

GMS serves as the client’s liaison with banking institutions, communicating directly with commercial lenders to secure the best possible interest rates and most favorable loan terms, while minimizing fees. Depending on the size of a borrowing, it is not uncommon for  Financing Consulting clients to realize millions of dollars in savings over the life of their loan(s).

Our FINANCING CONSULTING service area is led by Jeffrey W. Embly.

Disclosure Effective December 31, 2014:  Government Management Services, LLC, DBA: GMS Funding Solutions, its officers and employees are not Registered Municipal Advisors and thus cannot provide advice to, or on behalf of, a municipal entity with respect to municipal financial products, defined as municipal derivatives, guaranteed investment contracts and investment strategies, or the issuance of municipal securities, including advice with respect to the structure, timing, term and other similar matters concerning such financial products or issues.